Textonica Media is happy to introduce you an unique multimedia collection of works by famous American poet Charles Bernstein along with their translations into Russian by prominent poet and translator Ian Probstein.

Each poem is read by author and translator, thus readers could immerse themselves into reading and listening, and better understand unique world of author’s poetry in their native language.

Readers will also have an access to the latest news from Charles Bernstein’s blog.

About Authors:

Charles Bernstein is author of Pitch of Poetry University of Chicago Press, 2016), Recalculating (Chicago, 2013), Attack of the Difficult Poems: Essays and Inventions (Chicago, 2011), and All the Whiskey in Heaven: Selected Poems (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2010). He is Donald T. Regan Professor of English and Comparative Literature at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is co-director of PennSound. In 2015 Bernstein was awarded both the Münster Prize for International Poetry and Janus Pannonius Grand Prize for Poetry. More info at epc.buffalo.edu

Ian Probstein published eight books of poetry in Russian, one in English, and more than a dozen books of translation, including Complete Poems and Selected Cantos of Ezra Pound (St. Petersburg: Vladimir Dahl, 2003), Collected Poems of T.S. Eliot (Moscow: AST, 2013), Spiritual Soil (Moscow: Agraph, 2014). His translations of Osip Mandelstam were chosen as a runner–up to The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation (2016), while his translation of Ezra Pound’s Canto 47 was shortlisted for the Russian Guild of Translators Master Award. More info at: http://magazines.russ.ru/authors/p/probshtejn/

Textonica Media LLC is a new publishing start-up experimenting with creation of ‘talking’ interactive multimedia e-books in English and Russian for phones and tablets.